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three of a kind
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Title: three of a kind
  • Currently 2.4/5 Stars.
By: Aurimas 9 years 265 days 4 hours 10 minutes ago
Set: My Set
Still Image: 15k
Viewed: 1897
Comments: 2
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User avatar raptor8 You may have had a cheerleader had you not insulted me. I like awesome pictures and awesome people. How much Russian do you speak? can you help this member? I can. How dare you? stop and think before you end up ina cemetery before your time. I just looked at your pics and did not see anything this great. sorry about your luck. Kindly do not question my opinion again. you got a great way to make friends there bubba.....
9 years 256 days 6 hours 40 minutes ago
User avatar raptor8 how many people can wheelie a quad on ONE wheel? Aurimas can! the REAL THING, no photoshop!
9 years 265 days 3 hours 37 minutes ago

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